About Us

Welcome to Banknet Mortgage, a hometown mortgage company serving the State of New Jersey since 1991. Our unique business model will provide you with access to mortgage programs offered by some of the largest and most respected financial institutions in the country, as well as provide you with access to several local Bank portfolio programs offering you great rates, a common sense approval, and a fast track settlement. A licensed professional will guide and navigate you to a seamless approval and effortless closing. Best of all... Banknet will never ask for an application fee.

Here are just some of our product offerings:  Consolidate debt or take equity from your property to fund college expense, make home improvement, etc. Also, we assist you in the complicated financing area of purchasing of a home

  • We are your FHA and VA program experts
  • Vacation home financing in all resort areas
  • Investment property financing for one to four family properties
  • Programs allowing title held in a LLC, Partnership, or Trust
  • Condominium programs with no Project Questionnaire required

Our licensed professionals are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Banknet Mortgage Services operates as a Mortgage Broker. As a Mortgage Broker, we can not issue a loan commitment or fund loans. All loans a arrange by third party lenders.